Booking is essential for all classes. Individuals sessions require 24 hours notice for a make-up. Group classes require 12 hours notice for cancellation for a make up. Payment is required in advance. Please speak to me about creating a package to meet your needs. Please select the fee structure that suits you.

All group classes: (including Pilates & HIIT, BARRE & Yoga)

We offer two payment options: monthly fees for regular, commited weekly clients or packs for travellers or time constraints that do not allow for consistency:

1. The monthly fees are a subscription for committed ongoing class participants and they are due on the 1stof each month, no exceptions. You pay when you are away and can do make-ups for your early cancellations.

2. The packages allow you to book yourself into and cancel yourself out of classes using the smartphone app or the MindBody Online website. All packs are valid for 6 months and you do not pay when you are away.

Drop-in class: R160 per class (dependent on space availability)

1. Monthly fees:

R520 per month for 1 class per week

R920 per month for 2 classes per week

R1100 per month for unlimited classes

2. Flexi class packs:

10 classes:  R1400 


Individual sessions: 1 hr Pilates/Personal training

We offer two payment options: monthly fees or discounted packs:

1. Monthly fees are payable on the 1st of each month. If you are away and cancel with 24 hours notice, you will not be charged.

2. Packs are all packages are valid for 6 months.  Payment is required by the second session.

1. Monthly fees:

R420 per individual session

2. Individual packs:

Pack of 10 individuals: R4000


Duet sessions: 2 clients sharing a session with 1 teacher

1. Monthly fees:

R560 per duet session (R280 per person)

2. Duet packs:

Pack of 10 duets: R5200 (R2600 per person, R260 per session)


Home visits:

Pack of 10: R5000 (R500 per session)


All packages are valid for 6 months. All sessions require 12 hours notice for cancellation or they will be deducted from your total purchase. Payment is required in advance, by the first session, for packs or by the first of each month for monthly subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions require one months notice of termination of contract. Please contact Justine about creating a package to meet your needs: info@somersaultstudio.co.za

Bank details:

Somersault Studio PTY Ltd

First National Bank

Account: 62338263180

Branch: 200109