Michael is an excellent running coach. He will guide you safely to your first 10km or coach you to improve your half-marathon or marathon time. Please email info@somersaultstudio.co.za for further info.

From a young age, Michael enjoyed playing as many sports as he possibly could. His biggest interests are running and hockey. He has been running half marathons since he was 19 and full marathons since I was 29. Michael also enjoys trail running and being outdoors on the mountain. He currently still plays hockey at Pinelands Hockey Club for the Men’s 1st team.

Michael studied sports management for two years and then completed his National Diploma at Exercise Teachers Academy from 2003-2004. He worked as a sports coordinator at a primary school and facilitated various big sporting events.
He has obtained his level one and two hockey coaching certificates through SAHA (South African Hockey Association) and has coached various age groups (girls to boys) to the UCT ladies 1st team. 
Michael decided to go back to studying in 2013 at Exercise Teachers Academy to become a personal trainer, completing the two years with a National Diploma Fitness (sport conditioning) in 2014. Michael says that he has “moved in this direction because I like making a difference training people that have goals in mind to become fitter and have a healthier lifestyle”