Justine is the dedicated owner of Somersault Studio Claremont and co-owner of Somersault City. She is a certified Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer with vast experience throughout the field of health and wellness. Contact Justine at justine@somersaultstudio.co.za

Justine has at one time of another been obsessed with some form of fitness. From sky-diving to aerobics; rock-climbing to spinning; running to weight lifting; surfing to hiking; each has been toyed with until injury or boredom. Pilates has remained the one constant and with the addition of HIIT sessions, Justine has found a balanced exercise program to keep fit and maintain mobility. Justine loves food and is co-owner of a restaurant in the CBD. Passion for aesthetics and symmetry extend to all things including interiors and photography.  Justine is a certified Body Control Pilates® Instructor and a Exercise Teachers Academy of South Africa Fitness Professional. She is also a Prime Movement Ambassador.

Justine endeavours to be open to changing her mind often! She lives by the words of Malcolm Gladwell: “That’s your responsibility as a human being – to be constantly updating your positions on as many things as possible. And if you don’t contradict yourself on a regular basis, then you’re not thinking”.