You can choose to participate in a group class or book an individual session or get a friend to join you for a duet session.


Most of our classes are mixed ability groups with the exception of 4 classes dedicated to the basics for  beginners and back rehab participants.


These classes are 55 minutes and there will never be more than 8 people in a group class.



This is one client with one instructor and incorporates the use of the Pilates equipment.

We offer the Reformer, the Cadillac and the Wunderchair as well as various accessories that will ensure that your session is varied each week. This equipment was designed by Joseph Pilates and is a fantastic tool for sports people who need to correct muscle imbalances due to the repetitive action of their sport, people recovering from surgery or anyone with specific movement or skeletal dysfunction. The session is 55 minutes.



This is a fun and cost effective way to utilise a Pilates teacher. Bring a friend and share the session with a instructor. You get all the focused attention of the teacher for less cost and you have fun with a friend or family member. Can’t get anyone to join you? Chat to us about arranging another client to share your duet session.