***Please note that Somersault Studio in Claremont is now The Movement Collective. Please visit their website for further info themovementcollective.co.za. Justine Seymour is now offering home training sessions under the name Somersault****
Justine Seymour of Somersault offers Pilates, HIIT & Personal Training from the comfort of your own home. Justine has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and owned a busy studio in CLaremont. She has worked with an extensive range of bodies from regular people trying to get and keep fit to celebrities, amputees, hip and knee replacements, models and athletes. Justine is trained to the highest standards and whilst having a passion for Pilates, is most interested in the bigger picture of movement. Armed with the basic tools of functional anatomy, physiology and nutrition and fully trained in Pilates and Personal Training, allows her to deal with MOVEMENT at a higher level. Justine teaches INTELLIGENT MOVEMENT. Her goal is to continue learning always in order to help you reach your specific goals.

Somersault home training services include:

Justine will come to your home with workouts specifically tailored to you & your goals. You don't need any of fancy gym equipment to get a really good workout at home. All you need is some floor space and Justine will bring the rest. Justine will teach you to move with excellent form and to create a training plan that helps you reach your current goals. You can workout alone with Justine or include a partner or friends and the price stays the same!

Pilates matwork Pilates using small accessories in your home. Your body is the only machine you need.

HIIT sessions (High Intensity Interval Training), short 30-40 minute sessions. This is the fast track to fitness and fat-burning. Suitable for all fitness levels because all exercises can modified to challenge you at your current fitness level. Prepare to sweat.

Personal training sessions Sessions tailored to help you achieve your goals at a time that suits you and in your home, garden or nearest park. These sessions can include weight training, functional body weight exercises, Pilates, or walk/run. Whatever is required to help you achieve your goals. Training for a marathon, trail run or triathlon? Justine will gve you specific exercises to achieve your goal.

8 weeks to 5kms walk/run coaching Want to get up and running for the first time or after a long break. Justine will coach you to your first 5km's.