This is new-age fitness. No long hours on  a treadmill. No boring hours of gym time. These classes are high-intensity, short duration workouts. 30 minutes in and out! They use body resistance exercises to push you beyond your perceived limits and give you a SUPER effective FAT-BURNING workout in a short space of time. You can learn the exercises and technique that we teach and create your own sequence at home with nothing but a mat!

HIIT classes are challenging but can easily be modified for beginner clients. This way we can have mixed fitness abilities in the same session. These sessions are both cardiovascular and strength focused and will have your body burning fat for hours after the 30 minute class is over! This is the best workout you will ever do! Our tri-atheltes call this class there EPO!


Individual or duet training (2 people, one trainer) sessions taylored to help you reach your speciifc goals at a time that suits you. These sessions can incorporate elements from various fitness methods to keep you inspired to move.