These classes are high-intensity, short duration workouts. They use body resistance exercises to push you beyond your perceived limits and give you a SUPER effective FAT-BURNING workout in a short space of time.

HIIT classes are challenging and we prefer absolute beginner clients to spend a month learning the basics of form in a Pilates class before trying the HIIT. But all the exercises are modified for varying fitness levels. For example, if you are a new to exercise you can perform a modified push-up on your knees, but if you are fit and strong you can do full, inverted, single-leg or a number of challenging versions of the same exercise. This way we can have mixed fitness abilities in the same session. These sessions are both cardiovascular and strength focused and will have your body burning fat for hours after the 30 minute class is over! This is the best workout you will ever do!



PFT sessions are one on one with a trainer or you can join a friend for a duet session. We will use a combination of equipment, indoors and outdoors to challenge your body to reach your goals whether they are weight loss, improved fitness, improved sports performance or stress relief. We also have an expert running coach to get you to your first 10km or coach you to a faster half marathon.  Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs.



Crunch Time is our ultimate package. When you have a big event coming up and you want to look and feel your best, that’s crunch time! It could be an upcoming sporting event and you’re working toward a PB, or perhaps a personal best of another kind is required at a wedding, school reunion, overseas trip, family visit or maybe it’s just time for a new leaf. If you want to be on top of your game, whatever your game is…give yourself to us for 8 weeks, we will help you ROCK the big day and beyond.

This program includes 1 personalised individual session per week, unlimited group sessions per week and bi-weekly consultations with our Banting (low carb, high fat) coach. All this at a very discounted rate!

So when its crunch time, our expertise will create the best possible you!